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At Skinner Tank Company (STC), we understand that economics plays an increasingly important role in our customers' decision-making processes. Therefore, when you contact STC, we will first suggest the most economical tank dimensions for your storage needs; and from the moment you place an order for your new tank, we will work diligently to minimize costs on your project. Rarely do our customers experience unforeseen-and never hidden-additional charges from us during new tank construction projects.

We purchase materials in bulk from reputable steel distributors and mills, fabricate tank materials at our own facility, and then transport the materials to our job sites. STC owns more than a dozen rough terrain cranes which are usually transported to job sites on STC-owned trucks. Our construction crews are comprised of fully insured, permanent, full-time STC employees-not sub-contracted construction crews or workers hired from temp agencies.

Our crews are relatively small, and therefore, work very efficiently as a team to complete your project on time and within budget.



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Inspection & MaintenanceMeans Long Life for Your Tanks

Keeping tanks in service is in everyone's best interest. Catching any issues early can also save you a lot of money in the long-run. We work with you to make sure your tanks are safe and can work out an inspection schedule to help keep them that way.


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Skinner Tank Company (STC) can inspect your existing tank(s) and make experienced suitability for service assessments or repair recommendations, if needed.

Tank inspections are performed per the recommendations of API 653 by certified API 653 inspectors. Periodic inspections are essential for the safety and longevity of your tank. We can perform internal and/or external inspec-tions which typically include both a visual inspection and an ultrasonic thick-ness exam performed by one of our certified inspectors.


Understanding that, at times, it may be more economical to repair an existing tank rather than build a new one, Skinner Tank Company (STC) also offers these services.

From something as minor as the repair of a small leak or the installation of a new pipe fitting, to something as major as the replacement of an entire roof or the installation of a new second floor in your tank, STC has the experience and expertise to get the job done correctly. Repairs are made according to the recommendations of API 653.

Repair Maintenance


At Skinner Tank Company (STC), we understand that tanks may require demolition and replacement or dismantle and relocation-and we are very experienced in these areas. We follow the methods and procedures recommended by API 653 for the proper dismantle and reconstruction of tanks.

If you have a tank that simply needs to be scrapped, we also can provide this service to you in a safe and economical manner. STC can remove the tank materials from your site, or you can arrange for the removal by a local scrap service that should pay you for your scrap.

If you need a tank dismantled, so that a new tank can be built on the same foundation, STC can provide turnkey assistance with that as well.

Sec Contain


Different products, different states, and even different communities may require vastly different degrees of secondary containment for environmental protection. Skinner Tank Company can aid with the decision-making process of what type of secondary containment best fits your needs and to what extent secondary containment is required depending upon your circumstances.

STC can build double walled and/or double floored tanks, if required. We can assist with dike design, as well as the design, purchase, and installation of external dike liners or internal tank bladders.