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Quality ControlMatters

API Standard 650 dictates the methods that Skinner Tank Company uses to test new tank welds for quality and for leaks. API 650 also outlines dimensional tolerances for new tanks. Every tank that we build undergoes a radiographic (x-ray) examination of shell welds, a vacuum test of the floor welds, as well as a plethora of other examinations as dictated by the Standard. STC also employs API 653 certified QA/QC inspectors who travel from job-to-job to ensure that construction is ongoing safely and completed per the proper codes and standards. All tank materials, consumables, and supplies provided by STC will always be of the highest quality available to the industry.


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Repeat business and word-of-mouth advertising have become the hallmarks of Skinner Tank Company's success. We do not simply desire to build a single tank for you, our customer. Instead, we strive to deliver such a high quality product that we are chosen to construct every new tank you build. Therefore, we do everything within our power to make sure that you are completely satisfied with every purchase. We know the key concepts for satisfying our customers are to safely build economically feasible, high quality tanks in a timely manner. Every time.