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Skinner Tank Company (STC) has the expertise to build tanks all around the world. In addition to having tanks located in 40 of the United States, STC tanks are currently located in Russia,  the Republic of Georgia, Yemen, Canada, Honduras, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, and on the islands of Guam and Puerto Rico.

STC has the expertise to fabricate tank kits to be shipped to your destination and built by local laborers, and we can also provide supervisors to oversee tank construction. If you prefer, STC can provide turnkey construction to complete your project. Our tank kit packages include AutoCAD drawings, in addition to customer support before, during, and after construction.




STC has maintained a presence in the global marketplace for nearly five decades.  We understand the unique requirements of building across America and around the world.

Our tanks are currently located in:

• Russia     • The Republic of Georgia     • Yemen     • Canada      • Chile

• Venezuela     • Honduras     • Guam     • Puerto Rico

Canada GuamCanada                                                          Guam

Chile Canada 2
Chile                                                                         Canada

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