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Leaderin Welded Steel Liquid Storage

Skinner Tank Company (STC) focuses on building new, welded steel, above-ground, liquid storage tanks per the requirements of the American Petroleum Institute's Standard 650 {API 650}. API 650 establishes minimum requirements for material, design, fabrication, erection, and testing of vertical, cylindrical, above-ground, closed-top, open-top, and floating-top, welded carbon steel, and welded stainless steel storage tanks.

STC also has the expertise to build AWWA D100 potable water tanks as well as NFPA 22 firewater tanks. While the petroleum industry is vital to our existence, we are also heavily involved with industries such as liquid fertilizer, liquid asphalt, liquid feed products, various food products, drinking water {for human and livestock consumption}, fire water, waste water, process water, alternative fuels {such as, Ethanol and biodiesels}, and a wide variety of other specialized chemicals.

While STC can build almost any size of tank, we are most competitive building tanks between 1,000 and 250,000 barrels in the petroleum industry, 200 to 50,000 tons for agricultural products, and between 50,000 and 12,500,000 gallons for most other industries.



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About STC


Skinner Tank Company (STC) is conveniently located in Yale, Oklahoma (between Tulsa and Oklahoma City), which is an ideal location to be logistically competitive from the East Coast to the West Coast to the Gulf Coast, and all points in between.

STC is equipped with our own fleet of tractor-trailer rigs and construction cranes so that tank materials and construction equipment can be mobilized to any domestic job site in the continental United States safely, promptly, and economically.

Quite a BrightFuture

Skinner Tank Company is very excited about our position in - and the future of - the storage tank industry. With a broad and valued national and international customer base, we firmly believe that STC will continue to thrive, even during times of economic fluctuations in certain industries.

Our customers, both long-time and new, keep us dynamic and always searching for new and better ways to serve the storage tank industry. It is an honor and privilege to work with you on your next project to help your business expand and thrive.


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A Longstanding Historyof Quality

Our company began building welded steel storage tanks under the business name Skinner Construction Company in 1972. Skinner Tank Company (STC) became an Oklahoma corporation in 1982. It was the vision of our founders, Larry Skinner and his father, Lester Skinner Sr., that helped propel the Skinner name, making this family owned company - now in its third generation of ownership and leadership - synonymous with quality tanks.

With origins in both the East Coast grain industry and the Midwest oil industry, STC has now literally provided billions of gallons of liquid storage capacity worldwide since the company's inception nearly five decades ago.

History Arnett
Dismantling and relocation of an oil field refinery to Arnett, Oklahoma

History Larry Kris
Co-founder Larry Skinner and his wife, Kris, at a tradeshow in the early years -- complete with a 100+ pound steel tank model

History Fleet
STC's first tractor-trailer rigs from the 1970's